A Plus Construction

Delivery and Assembly Services 

Delivery only                                                   Assembly only                                       Delivery and Assembly                   
Fitness Equipment $99                                     Fitness Equipment $119                        Fitness Equipment $199                                                          Game Table $99                                               Game Table $119                                  Game Table $199
Grill $99                                                             Grill $119                                               Grill $199
Trampoline $99                                                 Trampoline $119                                    Trampoline $199
Portable Basketball Hoop $99                           Portable Basketball Hoop $119             Portable Basketball Hoop $199
Patio set $99                                                     Patio set $119                                        Patio Set $199
Shed $99                                                          Shed $299                                             Shed $499   These are our prices for deliveries 10 miles from
Gazebo $99                                                      Gazebo $499                                         Gazebo $599      the store. Distance and size affect all prices!
Play sets                                                            Play sets (varies)                                   Play sets (varies)                                           All prices will vary
Our prices stated above are in U.S dollars.
Larger estimates that require copious drawings will not be free.

In addition to our construction services we take pride in the many delivery and assembly services we also have. To schedule an appointment with us simply follow three simple steps.

1. Pick out your product of choice

2. Call us and talk with our service team representative who will help schedule your appointment.

3. We come to your location of choice and provide the services discussed.

Why call a company from another city to do your work when you have a trustworthy local business to do it? A Plus Construction takes pride in our Delivery and Assembly services. With employees experienced in assembly you can be assured that the job will be done well. If you happen to not be satisfied with our job we will discuss further actions to ensure satisfaction,so that we can come home at night and sleep with peace of mind.