A Plus Construction




A Plus Construction is no stranger to building and remodeling. When we first started several years ago construction was our thing! Fast forward to the present, construction is still the heart of our business. With multiple contractors on our team you can be assured we aren't rookies! Being seasoned contractors we know the ins and outs of the business. 

When we provide our services we do our best to insure satisfaction for the customer. We know that the worst thing someone can buy is a bad handyman. We have all been there and done that, so contact us for your jobs. We have multiple safety nets to insure that everyone comes out of the job satisfied. 

We aren't another contracting company that is just out there to patch the appearance of the job. We'll make sure that the job is completed thoroughly so problems won't occur. 

To make sure that we complete the services we provide with satisfaction, we are a bonded company. You're probably asking what that has anything to do with you, or what even is a bond? Well us being bonded means that we are confined to the words we speak. It's the way that we make sure 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. A bond company hold us to the promises we make to our customers.